Thursday, November 29, 2007


Did you know that we are part of something huge?
Something awesome.
Something so holy it's beyond anything this world can even try to comprehend?


I must admit this is probably the first year that i have a true appreciation for yud tes kislev and what it really stands for.
(and even that is just a drop in the proverbial bucket)

Yeah, people think we have it easy.
But in truth F.F.B.s have it tough.

It's our struggle to be wowed by the everyday of our lives.

To gaze with awe at the norm that has become our routine.

To look deeper than the background that surrounds everything we do.


L'chaim my dear friends.
It's yud tes kislev...FARBRENG!!!
And learn, learn, learn cuz there's no end to learning.
And there's no other way to survive in a world like this with a neshama like ours.

Lshana Tova Bi'limud Hachasidus Ubi'darchei Hachasidus


soldier said...


wanna learn tanya with me?

and sing the Alter Rebbe's niggun??

Mimi said...

To life, Chani, to life!