Sunday, November 18, 2007

Little Boy Blue

illustration by Julie Cork

Come hither ye reader as I must share with you a tale that brings a chuckle to my heart and a giggle to my larynx.


It was four score and ten years ago.
On a cold wintry night in Nov, Dec, Jan or Feb.

(twilight zone music playing in the background)

My little brother, who must have been around ten years old at the time, walks into the kitchen and puts up a kettle on the stove.

When it whistles he runs upstairs and returns carrying a negel vasser kvort and shissel.

He then begins pouring the water from the kettle into the negel vasser kvort.

"Brother, what the world are you doing????"

"Well," he replied, "every morning when I wake up and wash negel vasser the water is freezing cold.

I'm boiling the water so when i wake up in the morning it will be warm."

"Aha. I see. Genius."

The next day...

"So brother, how was the water for your negel vasser?"

"Freezing cold."



I love that story.


soldier said...

thats really cute and funnyful!
put a smile on my face to start my day!

soldier said...

i love your new pic by the disclaimer

i might borrow it!!!

cutie said...

haha thats a funny story!!

A.E. said...

was that about me??
i vaguely recall the episode.....