Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Don't Tell Anyone.

It's 1:55 in the am.
Something makes me come and visit my old blog...I haven't been here in weeks.

Nice to be back.

I start to read.
Post after post after post.
I only make it to June.

Some make me laugh.

Some make no sense whatsoever.
What was i thinking?

Some make me think why was I so self conscious.
Some make me think I'm a pretty good writer.
Some make me cringe.
I feel like deleting all the bad stuff and leaving the good stuff.

I think about writing again.

I feel like I have nothing to share.
And yet I feel like if i don't share I'm doing a disservice.

So maybe what I have to say is slightly lame or unimportant or self serving.
Who cares.
If sharing it with you makes a difference, who am I to crawl into a hole and hide?

We are all inspirations to someone.
Whether we like it or not.

So grab life by the horns
Take every opportunity to shed a little more light.
To be a little more transparent.
A little more holy.

Breathe in
Breathe out

I better post this quick before i change my mind.
Layla tov my friends
Ohmygosh my head hurts from typing in the dark.
I'm sleeping in tomorrow...
Oh the joys of working for yourself.

See you around.


personful said...

happy you posted it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Blog Rabbi said...

Chassidus talks about the concept of yesh -ayin - yesh.
Sometimes a period of ayin is needed to reach a much higher level.
Welcome back to your old blog -on a higher level.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chani.

I have personally have been inspired by your writing. OK, I hate the word inspired, it means absolutely nothing. But at times your posts have made me view things in a different light. And give more tzedaka. Appreciate what I have. Respect other people... (I could go on and on).

So thanks for sharing all that you do, you are very talented and your writing seems to come from the heart (I assume it does, because it definitely enters the heart).

I do read your new blog, but I dont like to leave comments cuz they cant be anonymous, but thanks for your pearls of of wisdom.

A gutte voch.

Cookie said...

dear anonymous,
words from the heart enter the heart...
i am touched by your words and your honesty.
sorry you don't feel comfy to leave a non-anonymous post...hope that i don't cause that... :(

in any case thank you
have an awesome week and you should be blessed with revealed brachos.