Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Surprise! :)

Sitting at mine desk.
It's late in the night.
My picture wall stares back at me.
Here I see you, eyes closed, dripping wet from dunking your head in the baby pool in your old backyard.

There I see you, with a slightly distracted look on your clown face that purim in our shul, surrounded by your crazy aunts in full costume.

And there again, all dressed up in ND's arms, the ever-present head band on your head.


There's nothing like a first.
If you only knew how much joy you brought to our whole family.
It sounds sorta kinda corny and lame-o lame-o, but it's true.

You were like my daughter, sister, friend.
So small and cute and delicious and edible.

And now you are like my age.
I mean, we can nearly share clothes...
Not just the wool sweaters I would accidentally put in the washing machine so they shrunk to a size only you would have fit into.

(Which reminds me...I have a sweater for you.)
(Are you sleeping over tomorrow?) (I hope so.)

I must wish you a good night.
You should be in bed by now (ahem) so I won't keep you any longer.

Enjoy your day tomorrow.
And remember what uncle Eli said.
Today was the birthday of chassidus and Yud Tes Kislev is the bris...

Nar oif simches my dearest.
All my love.
And more.
Tante C


personful said...

dos is cute


cutie said...

awwww chani!!!
thanx for making me a surprise!!!1
well no thanx for u sing a bad picture but wtvr!!!!