Sunday, December 2, 2007

On a high from last night

painting by Sylvia Hartmann

It tastes like Moshiach this morning.

Sitting in the backyard.
Sun shining.
So much warmth.
But not too much.
Saying Tehillim on the lawn chair.
Strains of Karduner play through the screen door from the kitchen.

The air smells fresh.
The heart feels happy.
The lips sing words of praise.

I am still on a high after a farbrengen with Rabbi Reuven Wolf last night in honor of Yud Tes Kislev.
This is not the first time I've heard him speak, but it is the first I've heard of his journey to Chabad Chassidus and the unique truth and joy and depth that he couldn't get enough of.

When we got home, on such a high we couldn't go to sleep, I sat talking with my mother till late in the night.

She told me a story.


Some thirty years ago my parents moved on shlichus to FL.
One day my mother was visited by one of her chasseedishe cousins from Boro Park.

My mother excitedly told her about the new campaign that they were doing to get Jewish women and girls to light shabbos candles.
This was at a time when shlichus was still somewhat of a novelty to the outside world.
She showed her the candles and candlesticks that was being handed out and shared stories of the lives they had touched through this mivtzah.

My mother's cousin looked at her with a confused expression on her face.

But why do you care?


But why do we care?!!!!!!!!!!!?????????


We don't even realize how novel the idea is that we care!
It's so normal and natural to us that we should care about every Jewish neshama.

And even if we don't care every second of the day...we still care.

And even if we don't live up to everything we should be as shluchim of the Rebbe...we still care.

And even if sometimes the pressures of the world get to us and we forget that we're soldiers in HIS army...we still care.

L'chaim my friends.
Here's to an inspired, light-filled week.
May you be blessed with an appreciation for chassidus.
And the joy of living a meaning-filled life.

And the next time you're in LA, go learn with Rabbi Wolf.

You won't regret it.


soldier said...


i like painting
i like post

what do you comment to something that is really great!

all i can say is

no words!

paintstickdrumbrush said...

that sorta got inspired to wanna paint

i wanna get a huge canvas
and whenever i am in the mood i paint another part
and another part
it will be like the clouds
how the sky looks like a new beautiful picture every time Hashem moves His brush
and all of a sudden it goes from blue to white
and blue gray, yellow orange red
amazing stunning

i think i need to post something!

soldier said...

did i tell you that i am really happy you started posting again
i really just realized how much it makes my day!!!

Cookie said...

this painting reminded me of you.
thanks for coming tonight.
mucho appreciated

the sabra said...

And the next time you're in a farkakte country far away from any revealed jewishness, on yud yes that you're doing something important...


Cookie said...

you just inspired me
to continue blogging
and share the yud tes kislev fever (if i should get it) to those in the farkakteh lands...

gather those sparks sister

the sabra said...

Yeh all nice and dandy but comes a chag like Yud Tes/Chaf Kislev and I'm painting popsicle sticks with kids, three, three jewish kids, and it's hard to feel like I'm doing it properly. Cuz it's so easy to use shlichus as an excuse. I could OF COURSE be learning more on my own, doing my own avoda, working on myself on this day..but it's so hard to combine that WITH shlichus.

I have more to say on this... ;)

the sabra said...

It's not even like my Gimmel Tammuz feeling cuz then I was with other ppl from my circle, my age etc..

Now, I'm all "alone".