Tuesday, November 27, 2007


illustration by Audrey Ficociello

it was a fine day.
it was a gorgeous cloud-filled sunset day.
full of pinks and blues.
such lovely hues.

day in day out day in day out

is it just me...
or is it warm in here?

blogging is such sweet sorrow.
not really
but it sounds goodly in the hoodly.


i remember the nights before gimmel tammuz when i would go to bed and after saying shma would say:

the rebbe zol zayn gezunt moshiach zol shoyn kumen

every night

the rebbe zol zayn gezunt moshiach zol shoyn kumen

then after a while it turned into...

moshiach zol zayn gezunt the rebbe zol shoyn kumen




it's kinda nice to type on the kitchen table rather than on my desk upstairs.
surrounded by grapes
and rugelach
and apple cinnamon oatmeal from ralphs with lower sugar.
yeah - that stuff is way too sugary for mine taste.

droopy eyes.
tired shoulders.

i hope
your day
was as awesome
as was mine.



Anonymous said...

what does 'moshiach zol zayn gezunt the rebbe zol shoyn kumen'
please explain. (not translate)

soldier said...

agreeded with anonymous


Cookie said...

basically the two were interchangeable in my head... the rebbe zol zayn gezunt, moshiach zol zayn gezunt...

soldier said...

i like that picture


how did you get them to show up on your blog?

the sabra said...

i still say it sometimes. esp when im sayin shema with little kids.
interesting to see you write it out.

Cookie said...

:) to all above