Wednesday, November 14, 2007

it makes me me

illustration by elana nazzaro

Some music makes me happy.

Especially when I'm in the mood of it.
The joy just spreads through my body...pure joy.

Some music makes me hyper.

in'tza in'tza in'tza...
driving in the car...need to watch my speed as the pace of the car begins to match my beats of my heart.

Some music makes me sappy.

And the tears they flow.
Oh, there's nothing better than sappy music for a sappy mood.

Some music makes me dance.

Well, duh.

Some music makes me nostalgic for days gone by.

Brings back a memory or a picture, a snapshot of time stood still.

Some music makes me deep.

Makes me feel holy and G-dly connected.
Like a soul without a body.

Some music makes me wanna sing and laugh and cry all at once.


The other day I was listening to some olden olden day vintage avraham fried.

I barely even hear it, just working in the office…

The songs play on...

And on and on...

It's the soundtrack of my childhood.

I can’t say this music makes me particularly happy, or hyper or sappy or dancy or nostalgic or deep…

It just makes me me.

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