Wednesday, November 14, 2007


illustration by paint monster

It's Wednesday night.
And the house is fairly quiet.

All I can hear are strains of mother telling a tale to the sleepy grandkids from mv in the room across the hall.


Reminds me of the stories we used to hear as kids.
The boys room and the girls room were next door to each another, and father would stand in the hallway between the two rooms, with both doors open, telling a story for us as we lay in our bunkbeds.

My window is wide open and crickets chirp once again...
My laptop has asthma of sorts and its fan breathes rather loudly.
Nechama plops down next to me to show the work she's been doing on the magazine for Marc.
Her laptop makes random foghorn sounds.
Mac vs PC.
I guess I'd rather an asthmatic PC to a foghorn Mac.

The phone rings.
It's Esty.


Alter Eliyohu 2.0 said...


paintbrush said...

you deleted a post?


little pennies are rolling home
baby's learned to cry
kings and queens are dead
but aged stones will never fly
in his eyes i see in time when i was you
now i am remembering your style
you dont believe in nightime

i like making up names
tis fun

Cookie said...

aw man!
i hate when that happens.
you write an entire response and the thing gets deleted because something happened with the internet and then you feel lame for repeating yourself...

anyhoo, eli, i was telling you how it's so nice to be nostalgic especially when one has so few memories as i have the memory of an elephant...but then i wasn't sure if elephant memory means a good memory or a bad one.

and p.b. i was thanking you for the lyrics and praising your creative choice of names and telling you i will see you later

so i will.