Monday, November 19, 2007

Nor Ayner Haist Ah Chusid

To learn is to live is to balance
To listen is to hear is to nod
To see is to know is to believe
To feel is to hold is to empathize
To cry is to show is to connect
To love is to leap is to open
To care is to call is to be there

To write is to think is to share

And to you I say hang in there...
Life ain't all that bad
And even if it is, you're stronger than that

So pick up your chin
And grin
And say

The sun'll come out tomorrow so you gotta hang on till tomorrow
Come what may


Tonight is yud kislev
Let's farbreng!
Here's a sicha in honor of the night
Read and enjoy
I did...


A gutte nacht my fellow chassidiste's
We should merit the redemption from this deep, dark and dank exile tonight


soldier said...

lchaim obracha!!!

that sicha was awesomeful!


Pada bshalom neshfi mekarv li ki brabim hayo eemade!!!!

lets sing
woah we want moshaich now

Alter Eliyohu 2.0 said...

it would be more proper to say 'Chasidi'tes' as opposed to "chasidim"......
btw yud kislev is also called the 'birthday' of a chosid and yud tes kislev is the 'bris'.

Cookie said...

you are right as usual oh a.e.
thanks for the chassidic insight.
much appreciation to you.

? said...

why is yud the birthday and yud tes the bris
shouldnt it be the other way around
even though that doesnt make sense in days???

Alter Eliyohu 2.0 said...

ask your local mashpia('teh) for further in-depth analysis........

? said...


any further in depth analysis you would like to share?