Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It's official.
I've become a boy.

Allow me to explain.

Just the other day Shmueli slaps my car with two large rectangular magnetic strips meant for advertising.

They say:

Los Alamitos Hebrew High
Fun, Meaningful, Accredited (wow I've memorized this) now enrolling blah blah blah...

At first I was like, "nice, he thinks my car is so classy people will want to send their kids just because they see the advert on such a classy car with such a classy driver".

Then I was like, "darn, why must my car have two large magnets stuck to its sides...they're bringing down the neighborhood".

Either way I swallowed my pride and drove on, through smog and fog and blog.

Well, it happened.
I was driving down Los Al Blvd and needed to make a very necessary yet slightly impractical move.
So I cut over one lane and caused the driver behind me to step on his breaks a bit harder than he would have liked.
As I turn into the turning lane he rolls up next to me.
I look at him with an apologetic gesture and a little wave only to see his eyes drift...
From my sorry face in the window to the door of my car...

Then it hit me.
The magnet!!


I have officially become the driving representative of all Jews in Los Al.
Forget Los Al, the whole world.
Now this guy thinks that all Jews are idiots and lousy drivers to boot.

As I round the bend towards home the whole yarmulka and tzitzis thing dawns on me.
I mean, I know about the concept but I've never felt it this strongly before.

So this is what it feels like.

There's no hiding.

I am.

I represent.



I'll be more careful next time.


stones said...


musha said...

uh oh...i was hoping for a happier ending

Cookie said...

i'm happy you mentioned it mush.
the truth is this ending is happy.

cuz whenever we get caught up in our own little worlds...
and forget how we are a light to the world and soldiers in HIS army at ALL times...
and then something wacks us in the brain and reminds us who we represent...

that is a happy ending.

member of the tribe said...

I've been quietly reading your stuff for the last while and am absolutely loving it. You sound like one exceptionally REAL person.

Thanks for sharing your inspiration (I wish I could say it as beautifully as you can...but I guess that's one more reason why I'm the reader and you're the writer ;)). We need it out here in the darkness.

Happy Kislev 13 to you and all of us