Friday, December 7, 2007

No Worries


Isn't it.

How there are two roads one can take to no worries...

Road #1

"Hakuna Matata"

Road #2

"Hakol Biydei Shamayim"

No worries

Because life is not important
And nothing matters anyhow


No worries

Because life doesn't belong to us
And everything is His will



Ah Freilichen, Lichtigen Shabbos Chanukah B'Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh



soldier said...

i really like this one
like really really

nice chana chana

awesome awesome picture of the sky by the way

i think i am going to go with number two

ding ding ding ding ding!!!!!!!

Ein Od Milvado
i am getting hyper
need to dance
need to jump
lets gree moshiach!

the sabra said...

exactly what i was gonna post on mine own blog (i have a blog bee tee dub). a line from e.c.'s upcoming cd. bout trying to run a world that doesn't belong to us. stay tuned. and tuned. and tuned. and tuned. (tis worth it)

Cookie said...

what's bee tee dub
and who's e.c.???
my you've peaked mine interest

the sabra said...

bee tee dub="b" "t" "w"*=by the way

e.c=a singer comin out w/ a cd one day.

*the "ble you" just never arrived. hence the shortening.

Cookie said...

i see
well in that case i look forward to ec and the coming cd
woo woo in the hoo hoo!

ps btdubbleyou i know you have a blog and i love to visit i just have no clue what you speak about of late so i say not a word although i can't say i feel saddened or left out, just enjoying the on dear honest blogger

the sabra said...

oof after i wrote that i realized it might sound like i was hinting to you to come round n read...reminding u that my blog exists. but bichlal lo. i was stam saying it. my blog lives on with the same vitality whether i have 100 readers or 1. 50 comments or none.

Cookie said...

lchaim to the vitality of all the oofs of life.