Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rain Tonight.

Illustration by Eloisa Lou

A rainy chanuka evening...
Can life get any cozier?

The smell of rain.
The smell of olive oil.
The smell of latkes.

mmm mmm good.
I can't wait!!!!!!!!


raindrop said...

i am soo excited
I"YH if it rains
i am running out
and letting it cleanse
and clear

Hashem is soo good
may the lights of chakunah
help us greet moshiach
with the light of the tanya
and the mitzvot
and tzedakah
and ahavat yisroel
and it should just be amazing!

see you
in the bestest place in the world!
Ertez HaKodesh


Cookie said...

there was just the most incredible sun shower.
gishmei bracha
rain down on you
i lift my hands above your head, your miracles approachon
...yet behold the sunshine
and SOON
we'll be dancing to HAPPY NEWS!!!