Sunday, December 23, 2007

Get Crack-a-Lackin

illustration by Pietari Posti

This morning I wake up.
Thank you Hashem.

Sun filters through the blinds with promises of 71 degrees.
(Yeah baby, I love CA on days like these)

It's never good to stay in the mind starts to wander...

To thoughts of life.
And where
And what
And why
And how.

How each of us is born on a track.

Till one day, for whatever reason, whether by force or by free will, we somehow manage to get bumped off our track.

And onto another.

Only this track don't be leadin' us to the places we ought to be going.
We're trying to fill someone else's shoes.
Dream some other dude's dream.

Or maybe we got bumped so hard, we're not even on a track anymore.
Just speeding over dirt and grass and hills, totally out of control.
Bam, bam, ouch.


Today you wake up.
And say, that'll be all.
I'm sick and tired of this.

Where the world did my track go?


(This post sounded better in my head. In my bed.
Oh well.)

Go learn some's the best track jumper.

Have an awesome day.


Mimi said...

ahhh, yeessss.

to you too, chani....a good day.

l'chaim to staying on track, and taking people with you :)

personful said...

does this sound familiar



i have had such an awesome laughing attack today
and Baruch Hashem good thoughts

bumping back on track
every day is a new day
(how do you comment on something good to comment because it says it all!)

soldier said...

i love your picture
how do you find such awesome pictures chana?!

pondering said...

but isnt it all in The Plan
isnt the trip planned out... every inch of track covered included in the original journey?
Id it really possible to veer off one's chosen path?