Thursday, December 20, 2007

i eat him

Yesterday I call Bluma.

She's running to Hebrew School.
No time to chat.
She hands me off to Meir.

hi chani

hi meir, how was your day?


what did you do?

i went to school

what did you learn at school?

(in a bored tone)
just some not jewish letters and not jewish stuff


soldier said...

ooohhh man
that is just too much
and awesomeness

goshness mabober
i am inspired yet again from
the little peoples

Anonymous said...

is this the mango gobbler?
he is very cute
i can see why ud wanna eat him :)

the innocence of it all

Cookie said...


Leigh Est said...

i love him
pure and simple
my favorite southern cali marcus grandchild
hes a chosid :)

Cookie said...

he is a chusid
but there are too many cute poway, m.v. and cypressers to come up with a fave so-cal mini marcus.

the sabra said...

good for him!

the sabra said...

ha i so don't remember reading this but i see i commented.

Cookie said...


this is where you can have "secret" convos in the olden days

how you doing sabrasita?

the sabra said...

struggling. it's a confused dark golus with a clear straight focus but still. but still.

(no 'subscribed comments' options back then?)