Monday, December 3, 2007


illustration by Audrey Ficociello

As a child you think you need to mature and change so that you can really live.

You need to analyze and sophisticate.
And dress to impress.
You need to know more.
Become something.


Until you realize that all this time you were trying to become something...that child you once were was everything you should ever be.

Honest and trusting and real and alive.



Go back to where you came from.

And take the wisdom of your many years with you...
Through the hills and valleys of life.
Till you reach the meadow of your youth.



the sabra said...

excellent picture
excellent idea

long socks said...

agreed with sabra

very nicce

Cookie said...

agreed with both of you.
not an original thought (of course)

oh so refreshing and comforting...