Friday, December 7, 2007

Where We Come From

Avremel sent us a cd with maoz tzur.

The one that my zeidy a'h used to sing.

Mother is not in the kitchen when father pops it into the handy dandy under-the-counter cd player in the kitchen.

I listen with half an ear as I am busy typing about hakuna matata and ain od milvado...

"Nice harmony...interesting...hmmm...i wonder who's in the choir...woah creative...yivunim, yivunim nigbitzee oolai...beautiful."

The song ends.


Mother walks into the kitchen.

Walks over to the player and presses play.

The song begins.

Suddenly her entire body straightens in concentration.

Breathing changes.

Tears well up.

I can't even imagine what the song evokes...

For her the harmonies don't matter.

Or the choir.

There's a whole world in this song.

A flood of memories.

A different place.

With holy souls and generations past.


We should be zocheh to sing maoz tzur with all of our zeidehs with moshiach in yerushalayim ir hakodesh tonight!


soldier said...




i think i need to read it again
to really let it sink in

smilely said...

so totally awesome and amazing

how things in our life
mean something
they totally touch a person

for one
its just a song
for one
its something else
it means


Anonymous said...


the sabra said...

amen amen amen amen