Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Silver and Gold

so you're going along, minding your own business...
ladadee ladada...
same old same old, every day routine old...
when suddenly


life sends you a whole new script.

so you start rolling along with the new things that come with new things...
running running
no more thinking

shopping, buying, choices.
white gold, rose gold, yellow gold?
princess cut, tiffany setting?
full skirt, lace, no lace?

everything new

so new
for a moment you forget the old.


then one day things settle for a moment and you have a chance to go and read a word of inspiration.

so you check in to chabad.org

and read a simple baal shem tov story.

all the sudden everything comes settling down around you like the snow inderoysen.

life simplifies.


peace reigns.

you start to remember who you are and what you are and where you're going.

and the old and the new come together like old friends.


how lucky are we that we were blessed with the tools and means to reconnect with our source, anytime, anywhere.


soldier said...

nicely put...

reconnecting is the awesomestness thing in the world

just listening silver and gold!

c said...

(a small humble bashful acknowledgment and appreciation for this post. and for you. and for the note on the invitation ;))

Blog Rabbi said...

The flock had almost despaired. We thought the shepherdess had gone forever. The addition of a shepherd to the picture should only add to guidance the flock receives.
We still need words of inspiration and encouragement.
The old and the new blend… The blog continues with a deeper dimension.

Anonymous said...

you will always be a source for inspiration. thanks for posting again

Anonymous said...

Phew! Your back...
I thought we lost you forever.


Anonymous said...

Mazal Tov!!! and I love your blog, plz continue posting!!! Your my inspiration!

Anonymous said...

are you gonna ever write again?