Thursday, March 27, 2008

where have you gone

illustration by lauren nassef

whenever i see your pictures on facebook
it makes me want to crawl back into bed

and hide

and then
when i'm safe and sound
from under my blanket
i wanna call you up
and invite you over

for a play date

just to play

no talk
no world
no peers
no pressures
no preconceived notions
no cynicism


just me and you

and a box of lincoln logs


Anonymous said...

hi lakers

chanie lakein said...

Lets have a play date!!!!

Cookie said...

i promise i'm never anonymous

chanie lakein said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chanowsky said...

i can't sing i have no voice

who said it?

chanie lakein said...

okeydokey smokey

Anonymous said...

don't get too depressed from lame people on facebook cheniqua

chanie lakein said...

Umm was it

banana said...

one million dollars
and one set of dishes from bb&b
come on over girl
lovely chattin
see you monday


Leigh Est said...

chana chana!
you posted yay!!!

bench swing said...

and clicks
(is that what they are called)

Cookie said...

and clicks

bench swing said...

hooray for the lady/robot/lipa thingy!!! we made out of clicks!!!!!!!

Cookie said...

have a great shabbos my dearest

Raizel Weinbaum said...

OMG! Like this is amazing! You just got married and your blog is live and local. I am in awe.

Mimi said...

I must echo Raizel here.

Alas, you indeed do become a better farbrenger after you get married.

A wise friend once told me that :)

CHANI, keep it coming.

[So glad to see your glowing face that night. Albeit short, it was enough to last for some time...]