Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering...

trust in Hashem
and you will surely know
Hashem will help you
wherever you may go


but there's so much to learn rebbie
all the sforim in the library
it'll take so long to learn every one
i'm afraid i'll never be a talmud chacham


so when your heart gets heavy
let me tell something true
it will help if you remember
that you are a chosen jew

and moshiach is coming soon
to melt away our pain
just like a candle melted
by its burning flame


why am i writing songs in the middle of the night, you ask?
that's what's running through my head...


the clouds will part
the rays shine through
six thousand suns
will raise anew

(that is such a beautiful song.
i wish i knew the real words.)


must go to bed.
let's talk again another time, eh?
as life awaits us on the other side of morning.

wishing you all pleasant dreams and only good things.



soldier said...


on the other side of the night.
me is soo hyperfullllllllll

oh my



me. the sabra. (hi) said...

"on the other side of the morning"

that is incredibly accurate. i think i may just have to start applyin that to my moach and my lev.


Anonymous said...

wonder why they write such good songs for the two-year-old clasrooms. we should revamp them and play them for the big kids.

personful said...

agreed with anonymous

frumie said...

Hi chani!
didnt want to post on shmais but-
im so excited for you!
we heard you got a great guy- and just hope he knows exactly how great of a girl you are!
i'm so excited an and happy for you!
this is amazing news!
when are you getting married?!
i cant wait to hear from you!
your posts are hysterical btw
chani, all the brachos, from here on it should be flying real high real fast!
love you!

Fajita said...

The original song was in Hebrew, written for the Entebbe operation. The words follow:

Bachatzi halayla hem kamu
V'hiko biktzeh ha'olah
Kivnei reshef chashu hirchiku of
L'hashiv et k'vod ha'adam

El eretz tzvi, el d'vash s'doteha
El hacarmel, v'hamidbar
El am asher lo yecheseh
Sh'et banav lo yafkid l'zar
El eretz tzvi, sh'bivchareha
Po'emet ir midor ledor
El eretz em lat'vorah
k'shurim baneha batov uvarah

Bachatzi halayla overet
Bisdoteinu ruach sharav
Aravah ilemet tarchin az rosh
Al asher im shachar lo shav

El eretz tzvi, el d'vash s'doteha
El hacarmel, v'hamidbar
El am asher lo yecheseh
She'et banav lo yafkid l'zar

El eretz tzvi, sh'dimoteha
Noshrot al s'deh chamaniyot
She'etzbona v'sasona
Hem shtei va'erev chasder yoma.

The link to the song is dead though. Just apply the tune and sing aloud... the lyrics are gorgeous.

Cookie said...

ohmygosh you're right!!!!
i love that movie and that song makes me cry
thanks fajita
you are a pal
and a wonderful food
i think
what is a fajita??

sheesh, i nearly forgot about this blog.
thanks for the reminder
i kinda miss it...

Fajita said...

glad to share

It's a mexican meat dish, but the definition has no bearing on my signing off that way.