Thursday, December 10, 2009


Phone rings...

Caller id says: Inspiration.


ding ding ding...Hi, this is Lubavitch Youth with a dose of inspiration by Rabbi Manis Friedman...

The expression "Pada Bishalom Nafshi, He Redeemed my Soul in Peace" referring to Yud Tes Kislev can also mean that the teachings of chassidus brings inner peace.

The system is made up of 3 parts.
You have your faith, your Emunah, you have your intelligence and you have your emotions.

And they're never in harmony.

Because emotions are essentially different than intelligence and intelligence is essentially different than faith, Emunah.

So your faith goes in one direction, your intelligence in another direction and your emotions in a third direction.

The various schools in Jewish life will address one or two of these dimensions.
Somebody will strengthen your faith, another group will inspire your emotions and a third will appeal to your mind.

But Chassidus brings peace.

Because when you learn chassidus you're understanding it with your mind, it is logical and clear. You're inspired because it warms your feelings of love and fear and it cleans the emunah so that the faith is pure, unadultered and it happens all at the same time.

So that your faith is not diminished by your intelligence, your intelligence does not cool your emotions, your emotions do not twist your thinking, and your thinking is not canceled by your faith.


cmbc said...

Welcome back!!!!and thanx for that awesome inspiration!!!!!!!!

cmbc said...

Waaaaasy awesome!! Me like :)

soldier said...

i like alot!!
i might need to read it again to take it all in