Monday, December 8, 2008


i was walking down rosewood
on my way to shul

passing all the blossoming fall trees that never change their colors

did you know that la is beautiful?
i never knew

so a few blocks from my house i notice two trucks coming up the street.

one a garbage truck.

the other a fedex delivery truck.

stopping by the different homes.


on the same block.


mind wanders
around the block and back

we are all like trucks in this world.

we can deliver important packages.


or go around collecting everybody's garbage...


soldier said...


i am smiling from ear to ear
you have no idea

and when i saw that pic i was thinking that i could see you totally putting this on your blog

i think i am a pick up truck??.......


Nechami said...

i havent read your post yet - im just happy to see you writing again! Have a good shabbos!

soldier said...

nice change

trucks and cars and the main point is to focus on the road
some inspiration here

uplift some stuff and keeping going forward